ARRIRAW AMA for Avid (MacOSX & Windows)
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Version 1.0
With Glue Tools' ARRIRAW AMA plugin, you can load and play native ".ari" raw files directly inside Avid without rendering or transcoding.The ARRIRAW files will play back as if they were always natively supported by Avid.

As the footage is completely raw, you have full access to the meta data and the color science the camera hardware uses. You can modify the color of each individual shot non-destructively, leaving the original raw files unchanged. Thisplugin will perform all of the importing, playback, debayer, white balancing, and color correction functions to the ARRIRAW image sequence.

Demo Features
Reads ARRIRAW(.ari) files with a Water Mark (a Red Bar through the image),
Time Code is Fixed to 24 fps in the demo version,
Time Code time is Fixed to 09:09:09:00.


Changing the ARRIRAW Color Processing
You can non-destructively change the color settings to suit your needs. Once you have an ARRIRAW imported into a Bin, you can right-click on it and select "Set Source Settings..."

This opens a new "Source Settings" panel, in which you can adjust color of your ARRIRAW image sequence. The controls provided use the very same color science available in the Alexa and D-21 camera systems. When you adjust these settings, you are adjusting the image the very same way that the camera hardware would.

These menus and sliders are populated by values that are stored in the ARRIRAW header. Any changes that you make to these values will be saved inside the Avid MC project file. The original ARRIRAW files are never modified.

Resetting the values back to the ARRIRAW's original values is as simple as selecting the "Settings" popup menu, and choosing "Default Settings." This will restore your image back to the way it was originally saved.

The Color Controls include: Color Space, Exposure Index, White Point and White Point Tint. Each controls how the image is rendered on screen. As you adjust each of these values, you will be able to see the preview image update. Once you have adjusted the imagery, you can select "OK" or "Cancel" to exit the panel. The updated settings should now be applied to the ARRIRAW image sequence. These changes do not affect any of the ARRIRAW files.


Changing the Image Aspect Ratio with FrameFlex
Anamorphic imagery is loaded into Avid at full resolution. This means that the imagery will be stretched when viewed. To correct the imagery so that it looks right, you can open the Clip's Source Settings menu. Once opened, click on the "FrameFlex" tab. You will see an "Image aspect ratio" popup menu. This will likely be set to the default aspect ratio for the project. If you need to change it, simply select the ratio that you need, here. 2.35:1 is used as an example here. Once you have selected the desired aspect ratio, click on Apply and "Ok" to accept the changes.

Frame Flex

windows logo This software has been created for
both MacOSX and Windows

Macintosh System Requirements:
- Avid Media Composer 7.0 or later,
- MacOSX 10.7.5 or later,
- A Mac system that meets Avid's minimum requirements,
- NVidia or AMD/ATI Graphics with OpenCL Support.

Windows System Requirements:
- Avid Media Composer 7.0 or later,
- Windows 7 (64-bit)
- A Windows 7 or 8 PC system that meets Avid's minimum requirements,
- NVidia or AMD/ATI Graphics with OpenCL Support.

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